just me in an abandoned asylum 

Yesterday, my psychiatrist gave me a simple task to do for the next 28 days until i visit him again. That sunshine doctor told me to jot down daily a nice thing i did & something that makes me feel genuinely happy. 

He reminds me of Mr. Bean animated version, now that i think of it. 

Ok , so here goes for today. 

Rachel had a slice of awfully chocolate cake which looks super heaty so i told her to drink water after finishing. But she had little water left in her bottle so i offered mine & poured some into hers and she drank.

Two little things made me happy today:

#1 Rachel is the first person to say my Disney Frozen water bottle is cute. (As a 23 year old, i don’t feel shameless! There’s no age limit for owning disney stuff!) i felt happy when she complimented it. 

#2 A group text conversation between the virgo girls & me that caused me to LOLed in public on the train. Hilarious as fuck, i love those 3 ladies regardless. 

Meanwhile, i have another school assignment to do just when i thought i could breathe a little.

29 days of hell it will be, February. *complains for the 101th time*

I don’t get to sleep in at all this whole week, this means i have to sleep earlier than usual. Sigh pie. 

On a sidenote, i have decided to reach out & contact 5 friends whom i hadn’t been in touch / seen for years. 

It took me a month plus to figure how to phrase my lengthy text properly and the first person i reached out was V. She and i were close choir friends, we usually hang out and chat after choir sessions. 

After high school, we lost touch until we had a mini gathering a year more or so ago. I look forward to seeing her on friday. It touched my heart & i feel so sorry that we missed out in each other’s lives for years. Can’t wait to reconnect, this time as young women who went through several battles instead of young adolescent giggling teenagers. 

The second person i contacted is Randy my high school “brother”. I wished him during his birthday and i told him i hope we can have a meet up this year since we hadn’t seen each other for 2 years already. & we used to be pretty close back in high school as well. 

It takes two hands to clap, i hope he will make an effort too when i plan a meet up with him during my vacation break. I know we have changed, but i hope in some way we could still reconnect like the old days. 

The third person i contacted today is Ernest who is also my high school friend, it’s his birthday today and the last time i bumped into him was outside a club. (Yeah those days when clubbing was my hobby, i’ve past that stage) 

Glad that he has started his tertiary studies not long and we talked briefly just like old friends. LOL, definitely will arrange a meet up with him soon. 

Two more friends to reach out and contact. I hadn’t think of who yet, but we will play it by ear as time goes along. 

Afterall, it’s just the beginning of the year. 

I am so sleepy , so drained. And it’s only tuesday. How am i going to get through the rest of the week ? 



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