Colors of my heart 

i can’t remember at what age i learnt the comfort in crying my unhappiness & emotional pain to sleep.

I am sure you cry to sleep at least once over something unhappy. 

Alone, engulf in the darkness of the bedroom and cry. Cry until you fall asleep, cry until the next day you wake up with puffy eyes and you go through the morning not wanting to speak. 

I had a good (no crying episodes) week until last night. Just out of the blue (very) negative depressing thoughts flooded in and i cried, cried until i fell asleep and wake up with swollen eyes.

Meet my pills of the month & new friend – Domar to curb my anxiety and panic attacks.  

A pretty colorful group, if you noticed. Colors to keep my emotional state in check. No more Atarex because it’s not working for me so there’s Paxidorm.
I didn’t manage to study today. Wait for it, the guilt will kick in tomorrow. 




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