the cycle of depression

It never goes away. 

It just stay hidden beneath the shadows, like a tiger shadowing its prey.

Once you are in it, you don’t get out alive. It’s like a fly caught in a spider web. 

You can’t just switch on/off depression. 

When you think you take the first step out of the black hole,

It will wrap itself neatly around your head and tug you back slowly, and almost intimately. 

It’s going to be one year since i was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression. 

And i am watching the cycle repeating itself all over again. 

Unhappiness, paranoia, Insomnia , ugly crying , all sorts of emotions wander out of the pandora’s box. 

The fear of living and the fear of dying.

But this time, i am not too sure how much damage it will cause.



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