Mundane tuesday 

i had another episode last night and ended up not sleeping at all, a train full of unhappy thoughts swimming in my mind.

I hadn’t been taking Atarax before sleep for almost a week, it’s suppose to help my anxiety, let me relax and sleep. But the side effects is drowsiness, it’s stronger than drowsy cough syrup.

Such a small pill that even when i take only half of the pill, it’s strong enough to make me feel too lethargic to do anything productive. Yeah, that’s Atarax for you.

Felt too gloomy to even get into conversations with my friends during sociology lecture today. They had interesting conversations , i had my (interesting) phone to keep me occupied.

Had (girls-only) supper night with ’em three after going through a “tumultuous thunderstorm”.

All is well now, rebuilding in the form of baby steps. I am thankful to God for their existence.

Wanted to nap for an hour, but i couldn’t. Sleepy but the mind doesn’t want to rest.

It’s only tuesday but i am already looking forward to friday.



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