Anxiety vs Time

Tick tock 

Board bus.

1:55pm “I will reach school by 3pm.”

Tick tock 

2:25pm “Traffic is crawling, barely halfway there. There’s still time.”

2:35pm “Getting fidgety and annoyed.”

2:45pm “The traffic is barely moving. Roadworks , roadworks everywhere.”

Tick tock.

2:52pm inhales exhales . Oh my god. 

2:55pm “Oh come on, i can’t stand it when the bus stop moving for more than 2 minutes. ”

3:01pm the trees are green, the sky is blue. The traffic lights are red. It’s fucking turning red all the time! 

3:05pm internally scream of relief , traffic is finally moving. 

3:11pm “few more stops to go, trapped in this bus.”

3:20pm “Two more stops to go, class’s starting in ten minutes.”


Tick tock.

3:25pm “I have five minutes to go pee and get to the lecture theatre.”


3:30pm seated in class , heaving a sign of relief.

Enough of red traffic lights , roadworks and traffic jam.

Getting stuck on a stationery bus gets on my nerves too. I felt trapped and not reaching earlier makes my skin crawl. 



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