Today concludes my last day as a part time daycare teacher, i am going to miss these kids. 

Even though the boys piss me off causing me to nag and scold every morning, they all have kind hearts, so does the girls. 

They are naive and helpful kids. I hope the kindness in them will never fade and they will grow up to be good people and successful workers. 

I like how they can physically fight in this second and next minute they are friends again. They kickstart every morning without taking yesterday’s bad events to heart. 

They wouldn’t bring their anger and sadness over to a brand new day. Their joy, laughter, tears and anger has made me learn a lot. And for that, i am thankful i took on this job. 

I miss the afternoon session kids too, even though i don’t teach them, but fetching them after school everyday have let me gotten to know them. 

They are playful and yet adorably cute too. Kids, they are cute so long as not my own. 

God bless them all.



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