Haunted heart

It’s been years since i last saw him, the heart has already picked up the pieces and broke a few times even.

Yet, i could still dream of him once in a while. Puzzling, i guess i really want to see him again that badly. 

This latest dream, we bumped into one another, with that signature look of his, this time our fingers brushed each other’s palms. 

They lingered for a moment, and i was subconsciously wishing it was reality. That we finally met again after all these years.

Not that i still have feelings for him, but i will never forget about him. He has a significant impact during my late childhood to teenage years.

He, who saw me when i was invisible. He saw the real me and never left. 

Stealing glances and unreadable expressions when we bump in the walkways , it made me wish i had a time turner. 

I’d go back in time to amend certain mistakes. 

At least, we could have salvage our friendship. 

I wish i could see him again, show him that he’s not the only one living good too. 



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