i wouldn’t expect him to not get angry, neither would i expect him to understand what’s going through my mind.

It’s selfish of me to ask for a pause out of the blue and i am not regretting. It’s a misstep to even get into a relationship that within the second month, we get thrown into a LDR situation.

Sure, we knew what was going to be install for us before we started, i too, thought we will be fine. 

I knew what i wanted back then, i knew. 

I thought we can make it through the months, or so i thought.

But we didn’t have the connection, the chemistry, or whatever scientific word to describe the dynamics between a couple.

It just didn’t felt right, that we were more like two old friends keeping in touch. 

It didn’t click . 

My feelings for him isn’t a lie , i like him very much and i care for him a lot. But i believe we lack the time to understand one another enough before getting in a relationship. 

This pause, it could be temporary, it could become a permanent break. 

Either way, he’s too angry to even speak to me, and i can totally understand.

Differences, we have too many. And i didn’t want to continue to feel unhappy.

There’s a lot to think about , and a pause is what i feel, necessary.



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