Burdensome to laugh

figured i should blog before the year comes to an end. a new year awaits. twenty fourteen passed through my life in a flash.

but nevertheless, it has been a happening, impactful year that stirred up my emotions from all directions.

i would have come up with a usual New Year resolution, but this time is different. my list is empty, blank.

while it’s going to be a celebration for many out there, there’s still a part of the globe where people are grieving for the dead.

May God bless the departed souls that were lost this year.

i am not particularly in the celebratory mood, just got myself engulf into a moodless state, which i don’t wish
to affect others. not a very good day for me to hang out with people, i should say.

hence, I’m spending my last day of the year at home. i don’t even remember when was the last time i actually stayed at home for countdown, to be honest.

at least, i kept my word. i broke the tradition this year.

i am so thankful i have good friends whom i truly treasure, love and care for even more this year.

the thing is, it doesn’t mean you know that friend longer, means they will necessarily be more important. it’s actually the ups & downs you went through together that matters most.

i am proud to say, there are two stars constantly shining by my side. And the best thing? i don’t even have to wait till 5 or
10 years for them to be of great importance to me. 

because they already are. Yy & Aaron , thank you so much for stepping into my life.

& of course, there are some things that has to be left behind in twenty fourteen, unfortunately.

every rose has it thorns,
so does every monster and every human.

if i could, i wish i could pull my thorns off ,
so that i could live my life a little happier,
breathe a little more freely, laugh with lesser worries.

some things that won’t change for twenty fifteen? i’m still as complicated and depressed as ever, can never figure myself out fully.


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