Out of order

this year… Happen too many things, too many events.

A little too many lows, a little too little highs.

I placed myself outside of the box and look at my life happenings this year in an imaginary timeline, wow.

And as we are approaching a new year, more new happenings came into my life. 

Some are so unexpected, Some are so shitty. Some…. I’m still trying to let them sink in.

Nobody would have seen such events coming. Some events are even capable of destroying me inside out.

This time last year just so goddamn different.
Why so?
How so?

Probably due to the changes in perspective & a lot of new events twisted the path where i am walking on.

I’m stuck in this mental institute i call Reality. A reality where some days it feels like i am in Hell, some days i feel like i am in jail, and some days i just feel like i am standing nowhere.

For the past few weeks, i keep constantly remind myself “I need to get out of this shit hole, plan ahead Sheryl. Be a step ahead at all times.”

Not yet, but soon.

A fire ignite inside me that cannot die.



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