Bursting bubbles 

visited Dr. Yeo today, he’s a really nice man who’s straight to the point. 

Mom was noticeably worried, with her asking questions mainly and me, sitting a little too still with my mouth shut.

“How do you feel?” 

“A mind consumed by Stress, Anger & Worry. It’s SAWing me out.”

I don’t get plenty of sleep, insomnia consecutive nights to the point where i collect fatigue for a living.

I lose my cool easily, my fuse s way shorter than short, i didn’t communicate , i eat little, i lost weight, i lost nearly everything to stress.

And then i was presented with six types of tablets to consume everyday.

Yes six types, the bill for the first session is $250 , costly. And this will continue until May. 

Times when i wish i have the courage to die, that way needn’t spend such money on such medication. 



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